Instructor of Record

EC 320: Introduction to Econometrics

First time teaching as a sole instructor
Winter 2022

Application of classical statistical techniques of estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression to economic models. Includes laboratory section in Social Science Instructional Laboratory.

EC 311: Intermediate Microeconomics

Second time teaching as a sole instructor
Fall 2022

Consumer and firm behavior, market structures. General equilibrium theory, welfare economics, collective choice, rules for evaluating economic policy.

EC 360: Issues in Industrial Organization

Third time teaching as a sole instructor
Winter 2023

Topics may include analysis of market power, overview of market structure, market definition, antitrust issues, relevant regulatations and economic arguments used in legal cases.

EC 320 Evaluation


  • She was very flexible with her students regarding Covid, flights home for the tests, etc. She was also very supportive within her office hours and any questions being asked. No question was a dumb question and she really walked you through to make sure you understood.

EC 360 Evaluation

Selected Testimonials:

  • It was honestly great.
  • The class was great.
  • I felt like it was a good amount of lecture and a good amount of in-class activities as well as the instructor asking questions throughout the lecture to try and get some engagement.

Evaluation Metrics:

None has responeded that EC 360 needs improvement to help their learnings.

Discussion Leader

EC 101: Contemporary Economics Issues

Introductory to Economics

EC 202: Introductory Economic Analysis Macro

Introductory to Macro Economics

EC 320: Introduction to Econometrics I

Introduction to Econometrics 1.
Led labs for teaching R (programming language).

EC 421: Introduction to Econometrics II

Introduction to Econometrics 2.
Led labs for teaching R (programming language).

EC 320 Evaluation


  • Really helpful and explains the content very well.
  • When she went through the labs she was really concise and clear at explaining what was going on. Labs were helpful at understanding the theory of the lectures.
  • I think Bo did a really amazing job supporting us and explaining the complexity of the course.

EC 420 Evaluation


  • Assignments were very challenging, and being able to ask questions and go over such assignments during office hours was of enormous help.
  • Boyoon was great all term, very helpful and made herself avaible throughout the term with issues I needed help with.
  • She helped to answer any questions we had during the lab and made sure we really understood what we were doing.
  • I don't have any suggestions on how to improve the lab.