Job Market Paper

Why Firms Buy: Dynamic Games of Acquisition Among Tech Giants  


Colored in red are the top 20 sectors that have been popular among the tech giants for acquisitions from 1987 to 2021. [ make plot bigger ]


Programming skills: R, Julia, Stata, PostgreSQL, SQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python, Latex
Web applications developed
Technical and learning notes on few topics related to and including:

Teaching Experience

Insructor on Record:

Teaching Assistant / Grading Assistant:

Professional Experience

Research Associate, Capital Economic Consulting Group, Lee & Ko Law Firm
Intern, UNESCO
Intern, Arthur D. Little
Intern, Institutional Shareholder Service


Ph.D. in Economics, University of Oregon
M.S. in Economics, University of Oregon
M.S. in Economics, Korea University
B.A. in Business Administration, Korea University